What is Apple CarPlay & Can You Add Apple Carplay To BMW?

What is Apple CarPlay & Can You Add Apple Carplay To BMW?

Apple Launched Apple Carplay app in the year 2014. Previously Apple had an option for the BMW owners known as iPod Out. Basically what user could do was just plug their iPods into the iDrive system of BMW and enjoy the songs which they had stored on the iPod. Users could change the songs with controls present in the car. 

When Apple launched the iPhone which had much more capabilities than an iPod, they revamped their iPod Out technology. They made a whole new app with a great interface and on which the whole phone could be mirrored. You can connect Apple Carplay over Bluetooth or via cable with the iDrive unit of the BMW. The Apple Carplay app lets you use the whole iPhone experience on your BMW's iDrive screen. From simply replying or receiving text messages to navigation & SIRI voice commands, Apple Carplay lets you enjoy the full iPhone experience. And while driving your car you can perform all the tasks through your iDrive which you would need your iPhone for.

                       The Apple Carplay app works great with both touch panel screens and the ones which do not have the touch capability and can be controlled by buttons and knobs. Apple Carplay app gives the users what they need during day-to-day commutes and on long journeys as well. It is becoming the basic necessity of cars these days.

What Apps Work With Apple Carplay:                         

                                    A lot of apps are making their way to Apple Carplay app. Some of them include: apple carplay Spotify, Waze on apple carplay, google maps apple carplay, etc. For a detailed list visit this link HERE. 

Apple Carplay Download:                

                                    OEM Navigations can provide you with Apple Carplay download option for your BMW at a comparatively low price. Visit this link HERE to add Apple Carplay to BMW.

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