Upgrading Your BMW to Apple Carplay & its Requirements

Upgrading Your BMW to Apple Carplay & its Requirements

Upgrading the software of your BMW iDrive to Apple Carplay is easy and hassle-free.

Can you add Apple Carplay to BMW?

Yes, you can add apple carplay to BMW. Options like aftermarket apple carplay for BMW are available from OEM Navigations. The Apple Carplay app is now available in most latest BMW models. But if your car does not have it installed you have the option to install it in your BMW. Just check for these options in your BMW and you'll be able to know whether you can install Apple Carplay in your car or not. 

There are two ways in which you can add apple carplay to BMW:

  • CarPlay Preparation option (S6CPA) allows any BMW to run the native Apple CarPlay app. You can activate it at a BMW dealership or with a third party coding software for BMWs. 
  • Vehicles which have NBT Evo ID5/6 unit with updated iDrive software can be activated without needing the CarPlay Preparation option.

BMW cars that have Apple Carplay include:

2017–2019 BMW 2 Series

2017–2020 BMW 3 Series

2017–2019 BMW 4 Series

2017–2019 BMW 5 Series

2017–2019 BMW 6 Series

2017–2019 BMW 7 Series

2018–2019 BMW X1

2018–2019 BMW X2

2017–2019 BMW X3

2017–2019 BMW X4

2017–2019 BMW X5

2017–2019 BMW X6

2018–2019 BMW i3

2019 BMW i8

2019 BMW Z4

One of the reasons many BMW owners cannot have the option of Apple Carplay is due to their location/region. Apple Carplay is available in only 35 countries at the moment. And if you do not live in one of these countries then BMW will not provide you with this option. But OEM Navigations can provide you with BMW apple carplay upgrade option. And you can install and use Apple Carplay with its full functionality. So you don't feel left behind. Your car needs to have the right hardware for it to work which we mentioned earlier. 

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