Spotify in Apple Carplay

Spotify in Apple Carplay

Spotify is a popular app for listening to music due to having hundreds of artists' music and accessible completely free. You simply sign-up and instantly get access to the songs. 

                   Car owners often have these questions in mind regarding Spotify & Apple Carplay:

  • Does Spotify work on apple Carplay?
  • Does apple Carplay support Spotify?
  • Apple Music vs Spotify Carplay which one is better?

Answers to these questions are given in this article

Does Spotify work on apple Carplay?/Does Apple Carplay support Spotify?

                      Yes, it works & is supported by Apple Carplay software. The Apple Carplay Spotify app was introduced in the Apple Carplay software a while ago and it works smoothly just like other apps work on Apple Carplay.

Apple Music vs Spotify Carplay which one is better?

                       That depends on your preference because the sound quality is not that different between the two services. The difference is just the free option of the Spotify app. It gives you a larger collection of artists & songs for free as compared to Apple Music which charges you. 

                        If you would like to enjoy apps like Spotify Apple Carplay, maps, texts & SIRI commands on your iDrive screen then you can easily get the subscription.

How to get the Subscription:

                         There are two ways to get the Apple Carplay subscription. 

  1. BMW Official 
  2. OEM Navigations

BMW officially provides the car owners with this service but charges a massive fee for it. 

But if you opt for the second option which is OEM Navigations you get the software way cheaper than BMW officially and it won't even void your car's warranty. So it's totally up to you which option you want to choose from.

                        OEM Navigation provides several softwares and coding options for BMW cars that are much affordable in price and reliable from our competitors and can easily be installed in your vehicle sitting in the comfort of your home. 

To check which products are compatible with your BMW, simply put your car's VIN in the search bar on our Home Page. After that click on the 'search car' option and then click 'See all (car model) products' option and you'll have a list in front of you of all the products which are compatible with your BMW. You can choose from Navigation map updates, Apple Carplay, Video in Motion, etc. To make things easier for you we will add a video below of the whole process on "How to check compatible products for your BMW".

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