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Speed limit data (SLI) frameworks educate the driver regarding the ebb and flow speed limit by showing it on the dashboard as well as route framework. SLI utilizes cameras to perceive street signs or use speed-limit information from the route framework. Numerous SLI frameworks join both.

SLI is a piece of the 'second wave' of dynamic security measures – utilizing front line innovation, for example, on-board sensors, radar, cameras, GPS and lasers – that is being fitted to traveler vehicles.

Dynamic security innovation can keep mishaps from happening out and out or if nothing else effectively help the driver to diminish the effect of a crisis circumstance. Dynamic frameworks give the driver more control in perilous circumstances. With that in mind, different security frameworks continually screen the presentation and environmental factors of a vehicle.

Basically, dynamic wellbeing frameworks maintain a strategic distance from or moderate a mishap pre-sway – so before it occurs or contact is made.

In 2016, speeding or travelling too fast for conditions contributed to 24% of fatalities in Great Britain. Ignoring posted speed limits can also lead to large fines, extra fuel costs and possibly increased insurance costs.


BMW G30 - G31 - G11- G12 Speed Limit Info Activation

Please note you must have the necessary KAFAS4 cameras in the car.

How to proceed?

After your purchase we will request the FSC code from BMW AG. Please note it can take up to 2 working days. Please note additional coding is required.

1. For the activation you will need an enet coding cable, windows laptop and internet connection. We will agree a suitable time for the coding and activate the function remotely via Teamviewer.

2. If you need only the FSC code we can email it to you but in this case please note no support is provided if you choose to code your car yourself. If no support is needed please contact us before purchasing the product.

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