IOS 12 Carplay Google Maps

IOS 12 Carplay Google Maps    google maps on BMW navigation

In IOS 12 Carplay, Google maps were integrated. But this was not the case before IOS 12. As it only supported Apple maps, which wasn't much liked by the users. BMW Google maps is a really good option. Majority of the people rely on Google maps as it is the most detailed and updated maps app right now. So when it got integrated into Apple Carplay in IOS 12 it was a good initiative by Apple. After that Waze maps app was also integrated into the Apple Carplay app. These apps helped and made the navigation more convenient in cars that had Apple Carplay already installed in them. And now you can use google assistance in your Apple Carplay head unit in Google maps app. A lot more apps have now been integrated into Apple Carplay app. And with each passing day, Apple is adding more and more apps like Apple Carplay Spotify to the Carplay app making your driving experience even more surreal. BMW earlier used to offer 'BMW Carplay subscription'. But now that has changed in the newer models, but for older models, you have to purchase the Carplay activation code which we offer. For example, you can add Apple Carplay to 2015 BMW and 2018 BMW x1 apple Carplay coding option, but you have to check that more specifically; by entering your VIN number in the search bar of our HOME page. Google maps on BMW navigation really does outsmart other navigation apps.

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You can check the compatibility of Apple Carplay with your BMW by putting VIN number of your car in the search bar and by clicking on the 'search car' option after that click on the 'See all (your car model) Products option. All the compatible products along with compatible Apple Carplay code will be displayed there. From there you can order the desired product code you want.

Below is a video on how to check and order Apple CarPlay activation code: