How to update maps on BMW iDrive?

How to update maps on BMW iDrive?

A very important part of the iDrive system is navigation, making it feasible to get from point A to B. Roads and points of interest are constantly changing, so to make the most of your iDrive, it's important to keep your car's GPS maps up to date.

Many of the recent BMWs include over-the-air (OTA) map updates which automatically downloading the latest map data using the BMW's built-in SIM card. In these BMWs, the process is easy and just like updating your smartphone to the latest iOS or Android version — your iDrive will download the latest data, and you just need to restart your car.

BMWs that do not support OTA updates require a manual upgrade. BMW navigation maps used to update by switching a DVD containing the map data in the past. Unlike other manufacturers BMW lets you do this by inserting a USB with the new map data into your BMW's USB port.

Before you buy a new BMW map, it's better to check which map version you need, which totally depends on your iDrive system. With your iDrive navigation open click on "Navigation system version", where you'll see the region, version and year of your current GPS data.

Update BMW maps so you don't have to worry about road and traffic blockages.