How To Update BMW Maps in iDrive?

How To Update BMW Maps in iDrive?

Below is a detailed article in which you can learn to update BMW maps in different ways. Also, you can update the maps for free in BMW. Read the article to know about it.

BMW iDrive map update

The iDrive system provides you with a very useful feature of maps. So you can easily navigate through the city/country you live in. These GPS maps need updating every now & then, because of the changing points of interest and roads. So you have two options for BMW maps update which are stated below. 

  • OTA Updates: 

            It's easy to update BMW maps this way. The latest BMW models have these updates Over The Air. Which means they get updated automatically with the help of a company SIM card present in the car. After the update arrives & the iDrive install it, you just have to restart your car as you would do with a smartphone. After that, the new BMW map data will be there. 

  • Non-OTA Updates (BMW USB map update):

             Older models of BMW do not support OTA updates. They were updated manually with the help of DVD before. By inserting the DVD the map files were upgraded. But now there is the option of BMW USB map update download. Insert the USB containing map files and your car's maps will be upgraded.

We recommend that you check your map's version before updating to the new version. You can check that by going in the 'navigation system version' option of the iDrive's navigation mode. You can see the version and region of your GPS maps. 

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