Get text messages on BMW iDrive

How to get text messages on BMW iDrive?

The iDrive unit of your BMW does not only let you play music but also lets you receive/send calls and text messages.
If you have a BMW iDrive office feature in your car, then you can use these perks in your car. But you have to activate it first. For activation follow these steps. First, connect your phone to your iDrive via iDrive Bluetooth then go to iDrive settings after that go to mobile devices then click on settings and lastly turn office functionality on. If you don't see this functionality in the settings menu then you don't have the "Office Functionality" in your vehicle.
You also need to do some settings on your smartphone as well. Follow these steps to make changes in your smartphone. First, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and tap in the "i" icon next to the BMW you are connected to after that click on the "Show notifications" option. You can now see, receive & reply to text messages from your iDrive screen. You will also have your phone contacts in your iDrive contacts menu.
If by any chance you are not receiving text messages after following all these steps, then it's possible that your smartphone does not support iDrive Bluetooth connectivity. A Bluetooth compatibility checker is available on BMW's official website in which you can enter your BMW model and phone model and it will tell you which features are supported.

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