Coding BMW iDrive

Coding BMW iDrive

You can easily enhance your BMW capabilities through coding the iDrive unit. Simply update iDrive BMW software & unlock great features which your BMW already has. You have to unlock them by BMW iDrive upgrade option.

Here are some of the features your BMW will offer after coding the iDrive unit:

  • Video and services in motion: You can easily stream videos on iDrive while driving. 
  • Remote Power-Folding: Easily fold the side mirrors from a distance with the help of the remote key.
  • RDC Safety: After updating the software you can check the tire pressure of each tire of your BMW on the iDrive screen.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth: Phone contact book access, handsfree calling, pair two phones at a time, connect your iPhone via USB cable, stream music, stream music through a phone via USB port, art covers of Albums, office option (reading and sending messages, calendar, tasks, notes)
  • Legal Disclaimer deactivation: The safety warning can be disabled which comes on whenever the BMW is turned on. 
  • Time Zone Change: The time zone will change automatically when you travel to another time zone. 

If you want these interesting and helpful features in your BMW, update BMW iDrive. OEM Navigations can provide you with the coding options your BMW require. And you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Easily update iDrive BMW at your home. 

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