BMW USB coding & Cable Coding

BMW USB coding & Cable Coding

If you wish to upgrade your BMW's features or read our other blogs you must be wondering, What coding your BMW means?, How you can code your BMW?, Should I consult with a professional for BMW coding software? and, Can BMW coding software & cable void my Warranty?

All of the answers to these questions will be given in this article right here. 

What coding your BMW means?

                                  Coding BMW means simply making some tweaks to the software of your car to enhance & unlock the features which were not activated before or when you purchased it from the company. For example, BMW carplay coding, adding Apple Carplay to your BMW iDrive unit or turning off the disclaimer that pops up every time you start the car or BMW enhanced Bluetooth coding.

How you can code your BMW?

                                   Coding BMW is simple and easy. There are two ways in which you can code BMW.

  • BMW USB coding
  • BMW Cable Coding

Both the processes are not complicated at all and you can perform them in your home. And as the names of both methods suggest, USB coding is done via a USB stick and Cable coding is done via a cable. But with Cable coding, you'll need a laptop as well. 

Should I consult with a professional for BMW coding software?

                               You can easily without any hassle code your BMW at your home without leaving. And you don't need any help from a professional. After you order the coding option from OEM Navigations, we will send you the coding file along with simple instructions. By following those simple instructions and step-by-step guide you can code your BMW at your home. 

Can BMW coding software and cable void my Warranty?

                               Using BMW coding software and cable does not void the warranty. Coding your BMW through third-party companies is totally safe and reliable.  

Coding simply unlocks the functions that have been set up by the maker right from the start without being activated.

OEM Navigations have several software enhancements you can do to your BMW via simple coding like enhanced Bluetooth BMW coding, BMW carplay coding, etc. And you don't need to worry about the regional versions like BMW coding UK. The coding options can be applied anywhere in the world. Unlike BMW which only offer their services in 30-35 countries. OEM Navigations can provide you with BMW coding software in whichever country you live. 

If you need any further assistance on how to code your vehicle or have any other queries, click HERE.