If you have ever owned a Car you must have gone through the process of buying or selling the car. And if you are selling your car from an unknown person, they would want to know the BMW repair service history. How has it been treated in the past service and repair wise? Even if you are buying a used car you may want to look at the repair history report so you can comfortably proceed with the deal and purchase the car. 

What does it Include: 

                                        This report has every basic question & maintenance work mentioned in it. When and how frequently the maintenance was performed on the car, engine health, car repainted or not, did the car get into any accidents or not. For example, an Oil change is the most frequent service in any car. By claiming this report you'll know how frequently it's been changed. From this, you can easily analyze if the car's engine is in good condition or not. With paint job history you can tell if the car has been in a major accident or not. Another good example is changing the timing belt on time. A lot of vehicles' timing belt needs to be changed every 100,000-120,000 miles. If it hasn't been changed in the recommended period the belt can snap and your car will stop wherever it is. This can also lead to engine replacement.

                                         All these important questions can be answered confidently with the help of Service & Repair History repost. And people won't hesitate to believe either. 

                                         OEM Navigations can provide you with the BMW Service and Repair History report. With it, you can conveniently check your BMW's service and repair history.

How to Order: 

                         Simply visit our Service & Repair History page or click HERE and order the report for your car. 

Note: This will be a printable version of your BMW's service and repair history. You will receive a PDF document with all the warranty jobs, repairs and services carried out on your car.