BMW iDrive coding

BMW iDrive coding

With the help of coding, your BMW will offer features which were previously not accessible. iDrive coding unlocks many features in your BMW that you can enjoy while driving your car. All this can be done by a technician or by yourself at home.

iDrive Coding in BMW is:

1-Totally Safe: iDrive coding only unlocks the software features which were previously present in your car but weren't made available by the manufacturer.

2-Fast: Enjoy all the new perks of software enhancements in your BMW in just an hour or so.

3-Convenient: OEM Navigations provide with the software upgrading options that you can conveniently install at your home.

iDrive coding mainly includes Video in Motion, Enhanced Bluetooth, SiriusXM satellite radio & Apple Carplay. To read more about these features kindly visit our blog and you can find separate articles on all these features. 

All the software upgrades can be done at once in a single coding session.

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