BMW Enhanced Bluetooth

BMW Enhanced Bluetooth

There are two types of options regarding Bluetooth update that you can choose from 

  • Enhanced Bluetooth
  • Basic Bluetooth

This, of course, depends on your BMW model and the package you choose. You should keep in mind that Bluetooth updating depends totally on your BMW model and your smartphone. These two can limit your usage and options. You should first check your vehicle compatibility to be sure about it. You can check that by putting your VIN number in the search bar and see if your vehicle is compatible or not. Sadly some BMWs might not have enhanced features activated even after upgrading to Enhanced Bluetooth, so we recommend first checking your compatibility then order the product. 

Features of Enhanced Bluetooth:

There are several features which you can enjoy with Enhanced Bluetooth mode in comparison to basic Bluetooth. 

Below is a list in which you can see the benefits of Enhanced Bluetooth over basic Bluetooth;

Basic Bluetooth

  • Handsfree Calling capability
  • Phone contact book access

Enhanced Bluetooth

  • Handsfree Calling
  • Phone contact book access
  • Pair two phones at a time
  • Connect your iPhone via USB cable
  • Stream music
  • Stream music through a phone via USB port
  • Art covers of Albums
  • Office option (reading and sending messages, calendar, tasks, notes)

These are the features which Enhanced Bluetooth has and they are quite intriguing. We'll explain some of the features in detail for you below.

Pairing two phones with Bluetooth:

As you can see the feature itself is explanatory. With Enhanced Bluetooth activated in your BMW, you can pair two phones at a time. This gives you the option to play music from one phone and make calls from the other one. For example, other passengers can connect to stream music from their phone and you can, without any disturbance, receive or make calls through yours. It's a useful feature to have.

Music Streaming:

With Enhanced Bluetooth, you can not only listen to music but also access the playlist and choose whichever song you'd like to play. 

With basic Bluetooth, you can only skip to next or previous song.

Streaming music through USB port:

You can also stream music through the USB port by connecting a phone with a cord. This option is somewhat the same as the previous one but the difference here is the quality of the audio is enhanced when you connect or play music through a USB port. Of course, you can play music through the USB port in the basic Bluetooth option. But the difference in Basic & Enhanced Bluetooth software is that you can play only mp3 music via a USB stick in the Basic version while on the other hand Enhanced Bluetooth option allows you to stream music through a smartphone connected via USB cable. 

Enhanced Bluetooth OR Apple CarPlay?:

There is another alternative to Enhanced Bluetooth, known as Apple CarPlay (You can read in detail about Apple CarPlay here). But Apple CarPaly has its limitations too. For example, Unlike Enhanced Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay only lets users connect iPhones to it. Android users can not use the Apple CarPlay software. Apple CarPlay, like Enhanced Bluetooth, cannot connect two phones at the same time. But in Apple CarPlay you have SIRI to help you out and supports voice commands. The choice is up to you which software suits your required

needs. Also in CarPlay, you have other options, like Navigation and music streaming apps support. 

So it depends on you whether you want Enhanced Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay in your iDrive unit.

Activating Enhanced Bluetooth via USB coding:

Activating Enhanced Bluetooth by coding is easy, quick and safe. It demands no physical modifications to your BMW, and you'll have Enhanced Bluetooth activated in an hour without even leaving home.

After you order, we will send you the code and mail the instruction which you can follow easily and code your BMW. You can learn about the coding process here.

Bluetooth pairing your phone to your BMW:

Pairing your phone and BMW is easy

  • After starting your BMW go to Bluetooth settings in your mobile and search for new devices.
  • You'll see a device name starting from "BMW". Select that device.
  • After that enter your BMW Bluetooth passkey. ( We will tell you about the Bluetooth PassKey in next paragraph)
  • After entering your Bluetooth passkey correctly the iDrive menu will show you that pairing was successful.

Where will I get my BMW Bluetooth passkey?:

You can find your unique Bluetooth passkey written in your BMW's user manual.

If you have lost your user manual, don't worry you can find the passkey written on the Bluetooth module itself. In most of the BMWs, this is located at the back of the car. With the trunk open, the inner trim on one side will have a detachable panel covering the amplifier. The Bluetooth module is placed near the amplifier and will have a sticker on it with "PK" -passkey- followed by a four-digit PIN code.

How to repair Bluetooth if it's not working:

Sometimes Bluetooth in your BMW stops working often after software updates. This happens due to the deactivation of some features by your car. You can see if all the features are still active or not by;

  • Going to your iDrive communication menu.
  • Selecting manage mobile devices.
  • Click on your mobile device see if all the options are checked.

This method sometimes doesn't work. If so, then try to reconnect your phone after disconnecting it from your car. Go Bluetooth settings and delete the device. Then go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and click the option "forget your vehicle". Now again try to connect your phone and you will be good to go!

OEM Navigations have three types of Enhanced Bluetooth software. One for NBT Units, one for EVO ID4 and one for EVO ID5/6. You can choose from either from one of these.

OEM Navigations can provide you hassle-free USB coding option. Our prices are very reasonable as compared to our competitors in the region. You check for yourselves.

If you need any help related to this article or you have any other queries you can reach us here. We'd be glad to help you out!

Below is a video on how you can check and order products that are compatible with your BMW model!