BMW Apple Carplay Activation

BMW Apple Carplay Activation

Can you add Apple Carplay to BMW?

                               Yes, you can easily add Apple Carplay to BMW. Cars that have apple carplay can perform several tasks from their iDrive head unit which they couldn't without it. And the whole driving experience becomes much more surreal than it already is. For example, you can easily access your iPhone's apps including maps, texts, music, calendar, SIRI voice commands, etc on your iDrive screen if you have Apple Carplay installed. Apple is adding more apps to its Apple Carplay software by each passing day. 

Siri Integration

                          Integration of SIRI in the Apple Carplay after IOS 12 was a great step by Apple towards making the experience even better for BMW owners. You can perform tasks like replying to text messages, playing your choice of music from the playlist, making calls, all through a simple voice command. This way your driving is much safer and undistracted. 

IOS 13      

                    You must have a question in your mind by now that what apps work with apple carplay? 

Updating your iPhone to IOS 13 gives you even more perks. IOS 13 for Apple Carplay supports apps like Google Maps Apple Carplay, Apple Carplay Spotify, etc. Waze on Apple Carplay is also available now for navigation. And you don't have to connect your phone through a cable to use these functions. Simply connect over Bluetooth and you are good to go. 

Activating Apple Carplay:

                            By activating Apple Carplay, you can experience all these apps on your iDrive screen and enjoy the driving even more. 

OEM Navigation offers this software upgrade via simple coding options. You can simply put your VIN in our home page's search bar and see which option is compatible with your BMW model. You can read about coding your BMW by clicking HERE. 

                            BMW apple carplay cost is low when you order it from us. Upgrade BMW to apple carplay with the help of OEM Navigations. OEM Navigation is striving to give you the best customer experience. Below is a video on how you can order Apple Carplay download for your BMW.

If you want any further assistance regarding Apple Carplay you can reach us HERE.