Can you add apple car-play to BMW? and BMW Apple Carplay Activation

BMW Apple Carplay Activation

Can you add Apple Carplay to BMW?

Yes, you can! you can add Apple Carplay to various BMW models like you can add apple Carplay to 2015 BMWs and to 2018 BMW x1 etc.

Do you wish to use your iPhone's apps as maps, music, texts & Siri commands on your iDrive unit? Apple introduced a software "Apple CarPlay" for cars, so people could easily connect their phones to the iDrive unit and enjoy the apps which they have installed on their iPhones. Apps like maps, texts, music, and calls. And with every passing day, Apple is adding support for more and more apps to its CarPlay software. You can see the full list of apps that are already available on Apple CarPlay on the Apple website.

Siri Integration

                                      With Siri integrated into Apple CarPlay software on the iDrive unit you could easily, ask it for directions. Viewing and replying to texts is much simpler & playing music and making calls through the default microphone which is present in your car's iDrive unit already, makes the whole driving experience more pleasant & surreal. And Siri integrated into your iDrive unit you won't even have to take your eyes off the road. So you can feel safer than ever before.

IOS 13                                   

                If your iPhone is updated to ios 13, Apple CarPlay makes the usability more easy by supporting other apps too, like google maps and Waze. For music, you can either use apple music or Apple Carplay Spotify and stream your favourite music without even connecting your iPhone with a cord to the iDrive unit.

                             You can enjoy all these apps and features on your BMW by activating Apple CarPlay in head unit. And switching between the iDrive interface and Apple CarPlay is simple.

                                    OEM Navigations offer simple & convenient coding options both via USB and Cable for your BMW so you can use these features seamlessly while driving and keep your attention to the road and avoid any accidents. Whether you can activate Apple CarPlay through USB or Cable coding depends on your BMW model. You can put your VIN number in our search bar and see what option is compatible with your BMW and from there you can order the Apple CarPlay. 

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Below is a video for you on How to check and order Apple CarPlay code from our website;