Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A Guide to CHAMP2, ENTRYNAV, EVO ID5/6 and ENAVEVO in 2023

**Selecting Your BMW's Navigation: More Than Just a Ride**

When you invest in a BMW, you're not just choosing a mode of transport; you're opting for a blend of technological luxury, which includes various levels of navigation and smartphone integration. During your BMW's configuration, you'll encounter several media package options, each with a distinct set of multimedia and technical features. The extent of these features directly influences the final cost of your BMW.

If you're not particular about specific options, the crucial factor to consider is the type of navigation system and head unit, rather than the package itself. This guide will help you understand the differences, especially if you're contemplating an upgrade to the Navigation System Professional or selecting options for a new purchase.

**Understanding BMW's Navigation Systems**

To identify your BMW's navigation type, use a free VIN decoder and look for specific codes like S606A, S6UNA, S6UPA, or S609A. These codes represent the most common navigation systems in US- and Euro-spec BMWs.

*Business Navigation vs Professional Navigation: A Comparative Overview*

The Business Navigation option, denoted as 606, is an older version and primarily available in Europe. In contrast, the Navigation, Navigation Plus, and Business Navigation options offer less advanced maps and fewer multimedia features than the Professional Navigation.

BMW head units fall into three categories:

1. BMW Live Cockpit Professional (MGU head unit with ID7 interface)

2. Navigation System Professional (CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO ID4/ID5/ID6)


*Apple CarPlay in BMW's Basic iDrive Systems*

Original Apple CarPlay is exclusively available in the latest Business iDrive, ENAVEVO and EVO ID5/6.

**Identifying Your BMW's Head Unit**

To ascertain if your BMW has HU_ENTRYNAV or CHAMP 2 navigation:

1. Check the map version specific to each head unit: 

   - Motion for MASK2

   - Move for CHAMP2

   - Route for ENTRYNAV

   - Way for ENAVEVO

Access this information through Navigation -> Settings -> Navigation system version. Remember, this applies only if your iDrive is equipped with navigation and has flash memory for storing maps. For other head units, you can approximate the installation year based on the vehicle model and year.